Basic4GL Mobile



Basic4GL Mobile

Basic4GL Mobile is a programming language based on traditional BASIC, and cross-platform software development tool.

You can use to to create games and applications for Android, Windows and the web.

Develop on Windows

With Basic4GL Mobile you write your programs on Windows using the Basic4GL Mobile Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The IDE also contains the Windows platform runtime, which means you can run and debug your program from inside the editor.

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Test on Android

The Basic4GL Android App allows you to get your programs running on your Android phone or tablet simply and easily.

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Android App

Use a USB cable to drag your compiled program and any asset files (textures, images etc) onto your phone/tablet, then launch the App to run it.

See the tutorials page for more information.


Basic4GL Mobile can convert your program into a standalone application for the following platforms:




Building an Android application requires installing the Java Development Kit (JDK), Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Native Development Kit (NDK).
Building a web application requires the Emscripten SDK.
These can be freely downloaded from their respective sources (Oracle, Google, etc).